24×7 Pharmacy

The 24×7 Pharmacy stocks a wide variety of medications and healthcare accessories for patients. The pharmacy supplies medicines to the hospital’s in-patients and also to outside customers.

Discover good health at your friendly neighbourhood medical supermarket.

Supports, the Vijayashree Healthcare Store, stocks specialty consumer healthcare products imported from Germany, Belgium and other European countries.

MEDIVEN, Germany

Compression Stockings

  • Class I – Below Knee & Above Knee
  • Class II – Below Knee, Above Knee & Panty Hose
  • Class III – Below Knee, Above Knee & Waist Attachment

Mediven Armsleeve


  • Class-II with Hand Piece
  • Class-II without Hand Piece Class-II without Hand Piece

Mediven Travel Stockings

Mediven Knee supports with stays

Mediven Ankle supports

Mediven Silicon Insoles

Mediven Silicon Heel Cushions

TELIC, Spain
MGRM Products
LIPOELASTIC, Czech Republic
  • Compression Garments for
  • Post liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty
Miracle products
GEON Digital Thermometers
ONTEX, Belgium
  • EURON Adult Disposable diapers (S, M, L, XL)
  • EURON Disposable bed protection pads
  • EURON Mobi (pull up) Diapers (M, L)
  • EURON Wings Diapers (L)
  • EURON MICRO (Female) Pads (M, L)
  • EURON MICRO (Male) Pads (M,L)
  • EURON Baby Wipes
LP products
THAMERT, Germany
  • Abdominal Binders (S, M, L, XL)
Footwear and Footcare Products
VISSCO products
Theraband Physio Products

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